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Sampling your product is the first interaction your customers have with you. With OrdrSmart, you can show them you’re the reliable and transparent supplier they will always want to work with.

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How It Works

Run Your Samples Process on Autopilot

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Onboard in 30 minutes to digitize your catalog

We understand the complexity of your catalog and the documents and certificates that come with it. With OrdrSmart, it won't take you more than 30 minutes to get set up for your digitization journey.

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Add our widget to your website without any code

With just a few clicks, anyone on your team can place the "Request Sample" button on your website. Once it's there, you can start receiving and processing sample requests digitally.

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Establish transparency at the first impression

All documentation that potential customers need before they make a decision is automatically dispatched to them once they request a sample. Never lose orders due to missing critical documentation again.

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The only platform built for ingredient suppliers

We understand how complex your workflows and processes are. With OrdrSmart, there will be no internal disruptions or process changes.

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Embed Into existing channels

Continue to work with your customers directly and avoid the overhead of additional platforms.

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Supercharge your samples program directly from your website

Add the OrdrSmart widget to your website to transform how your customers work with you

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Reduce Back & Forth

No more back and forth over phone calls and emails to process a sample request. View all the information on a single dashboard and let your sales teams focus on the larger purchases.

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Share Critical Data

Automatically share critical decision making documentation needed to verify products before they can make a large purchase. Show your customers how transparent you are.

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Analyze Sample Feedback

Analyze what is working & not working about your samples to increase conversion. Our platform manages the feedback process, giving you valuable time back.

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